There are a number of great E-Readers on the market today. Each of them offers a wonderful way to enjoy literally hundreds of thousands of great books all in the palm of your hand. While some E-Readers are made strictly for the downloading and reading of eBooks, others offer an amazing amount of features that you can use to watch video, engage in your social network scene and even take pictures.

Here are the top 4 picks when it comes to E-Readers, representing a good variety of those on the market today.


The original Kindle still has its charms. While very limited in terms of its versatility, it does still have advantages for those who simply want to read eBooks. The compact, sleek design is perfect for travelling and the clear, bright screen is wonderful for reading in low light or bright sunshine. The biggest advantage of the Kindle of course is the very low price and access to so many eBook selections. No wonder this little gem is still so popular after all these years.

Kindle Paperwhite

A more advanced version of the original Kindle, this version represents perhaps the ultimate in a focused E-Reader. Think of it as a super-charged Kindle that has an even brighter screen for easy reading in most light conditions, a somewhat larger screen area for better comprehension and maybe best of all a rechargeable battery that can go up to 8 weeks before it runs down. This subtle, yet powerful battery is one reason why the Kindle Paperwhite is so perfect for traveling, taking it to work or anywhere you want to read an eBook.


The Barnes and Noble Nook is one of the more versatile E-Readers on the market, featuring a number of great features that makes it more than just an E-Reader. While the MP4 video has been surpassed by HD, there are still a number of great features that make this the right E-Reader for so many people. The unique “Lend Me” feature is one that attracts many eBook readers as it greatly expands the number of books available for them to access. The impressive 8GB storage can be greatly enhanced thanks to an access port that allows for a 32GB SD card to hold videos and other materials. The price is a little more expensive than the Kindle Paperwhite, but it does have plenty of great features that make it worthwhile.

Kindle Fire HD

More like its rival the iPad than an upgraded version of the original Kindle, the Kindle Fire HD features perhaps the widest array of features starting with its incredibly sharp HD quality screen that allows you to watch videos, check in with your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and take beautiful pictures as well. However, one of the most brilliant features is the unlimited Cloud storage the Kindle Fire HD uses to help free up space on the unit so it can have even more features. The dual antenna Wi-Fi allows it to download eBooks and other items very quickly which makes this unit perhaps the most versatile this side of an iPad.