Purchasing Tips

Tips on what to look for when purchasing E Readers

Choosing a new E-Reader can be quite daunting, especially if you have never used one before. E-Readers are becoming quite popular and even versatile in today’s internet age. Picking a new E-Reader can be challenging unless you limit your selections first and approach it with a plan that fits your specific needs.

Before you start choosing which type of E-Reader is right for you, the first step is going to be assessing what you want in an E-Reader and the budget you have available. Knowing what you want will greatly help you in choosing the right E-Reader for your needs. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best E-Reader to fit what you want it to do.

Purpose: Essentially, E-Readers come in two basic styles. One that strictly has a singular function such as reading eBooks and one that is more like an iPad or internet tablet with lots of features. Basically, if you simply want a device that lets you read eBooks when you want and you already have an iPad or other tablet device, then a Kindle Paperwhite or even the original Kindle version may be just right for you. However, if you want to play videos, surf the web or have access to a wide variety of functions, then the Kindle Fire HD is probably the best choice. The Barnes and Noble Nook device is an in-between version that has some features, but also focuses on providing excellent focus on reading eBooks.

Budget: This may be the biggest factor in deciding what you want from an E-Reader. If you are on limited funds, then you probably can only afford E-Readers that only read eBooks like the original Kindle which is very moderately priced and has access to a great variety of books you can read and purchase. If your budget is not an issue and you want plenty of features, then the Kindle Fire HD may be the right choice for you. One issue that you might want to consider is that the Kindle Fire HD is somewhat similar to an iPad. You might want to weigh your decision between these two devices if reading eBooks is not that high a priority on your list.

Versatility: Here lies perhaps the most difficult choice between E-Readers like the Nook and the Kindle Fire HD. Both have unique features that may attract you, although each of them has a different focus. The Kindle Fire HD is arguably more versatile, but if your focus is mostly on having a great E-Reader, then you might be drawn to the Nook and its collection of eBooks. Again, the complexity of choices here will largely be decided on what you really want.

All in all, the Kindle Fire HD is one superb E-Reader with features that rival larger, more expensive tablets. However, for the person who simply wants to read by the pool, along the beach or when travelling, you may be drawn to the simpler Kindle models or perhaps the Barnes and Noble Nook.