Buyers Guide

Are you looking for a new E-Reader? Perhaps you need to replace or upgrade your old one or maybe you have never purchased an E-Reader before. In any case, you’ll want to know what types of E-Readers are out on the market today.

What follows is a general listing of different E-Readers that are available. They range from the very simple and straightforward to those with a great number of additional features that let you watch videos and even access your social networks on the web. This list is divided up by manufacturers and gives a broad overview of what each of them have to offer. While not a complete list, you’ll get a general idea of what is out there.

Barnes and Noble Nook

The Nook is a very popular E-Reader as backed by one of the most popular book stores in the US. The Nook represents an in-between model when it comes to E-Readers. It has a number of different features such as the ability to play video, audio and surf social network sites just to name a few. There are a few different versions of The Nook, which costs roughly $150 and is found primarily at Barnes and Noble stores.


This is perhaps the most famous name when it comes to E-Readers. The Kindle line runs the gamut from the original Kindle that was made strictly for reading eBooks to the highly advanced Kindle Fire HD which can play HD video, connect with social network sites on the web as well as a number of other advanced features. Kindles are far and away the most popular E-Readers in the US and they have a number of different variations as well.

BeBook Neo

This E-Reader from the Netherlands is rather popular in Europe, but hasn’t made much inroads into the US, at least when compared to the Nook and Kindle. The BeBook Neo is distinguished by its white frame an unique screen which uses a Wacom touch technology. However, there is currently no dedicated content service for this unit which puts it at a big disadvantage when compared to the Kindle and Nook. Still, for those looking at obtaining an E-Reader outside the big two in the US, the BeBook Neo does offer some unique features.

Kobe Wireless Reader

This interesting model comes with a relatively low price and features a unique design that has a soft cushioned back that makes it easier to rest against the table or your own body while reading. Plus, it has a number of advanced features not commonly found on E-Readers in this price range as well as a rewards program when you have read a certain number of books. However, this eBook reader does not even have 3G capability which means that it is somewhat slow. Still for the price this can be a good choice.

While Kindle and the Nook continue to dominate the US market, there are a number of competitors that are slowly making their way into contention.